LYR-220 placement compared to LYR-210

LYR-220 is in development for the millions of chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) patients who have undergone a prior sinus surgery but continue to have persistent disease.

LYR-220 is an anti-inflammatory implantable drug matrix based upon Lyra’s XTreo™ platform designed to elute mometasone furoate consistently and locally for up to six months from a single administration to the inflamed mucosal tissue of chronic rhinosinusitis patients.

Designed for patients whose nasal cavity is enlarged due to sinus surgery, LYR-220 employs an oversized matrix. Surgical interventions do not address the underlying inflammation that is the hallmark of CRS and, as a result, symptoms often return within the first year following surgery in up to two-thirds of CRS patients.

LYR-220, Lyra’s second product candidate, is designed as a potential preferred alternative to revision sinus surgery and post-surgical medical management.



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