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At Lyra, we are driven by a dedicated pursuit to improve the lives of the millions of patients that struggle with chronic disease. It is that patient-focused mission that drives us to empower our people – allowing employees to create a path for growth and success, while collectively impacting how we innovate. With a team that is inspired and committed, and solutions that are innovative, patient-centric, we are on the edge of possibility. Join us as we empower people to live their best Lyra life.


Transparency from the Top

For us, authenticity isn’t just a motivational poster on the wall – it’s woven into the fabric of every action and interaction. Learn from an inclusive, respectful, and talented group that genuinely wants you to succeed and grow.

The Nexus of What’s Next

Possibility gets us up in the morning. We know that with every problem we solve, we are fostering real-life solutions that could help patients feel better. Every person at every level has impact, and we think that’s more powerful than caffeine (but we still like coffee).

Unwavering Empathy

Can’t stop, won’t stop caring – for employees and for patients. We stay on the pulse of what our employees need to be successful every day, just as we are actively pursuing a better daily life for patients through scientific solutions.


  • Therapeutics + Technology

    We combine the best of both worlds: Powerful drug therapies and advanced delivery technologies to provide unique treatment solutions for patients.

  • Innovation + Improvement

    Lyra is at a pivotal point for you and patients: offering exciting drug candidates that are nearing commercialization, while continuing to evolve and reinvent every day.

  • Growth + Development

    We invest in our most valuable asset—our people. Our team is encouraged to take risks and given the room to grow, because we believe they can do things they have never done before.

  • Life + Work

    Kindness and respect are the foundation of our culture— everyone’s contributions are valued. We work hard, but also love to play hard, and our flexible work environment is a reflection of that.

  • I like working in this positive, energetic atmosphere in pursuit of intriguing technology.
  • We’re a team working hard for one goal, and the product progress keeps me motivated.
  • The people here are great. There is no toxicity, and everyone is consistently trying to help each other.
  • It’s great to be part of a cutting-edge medical treatment working in a close-knit teamwork environment.
  • I like being surrounded by intelligent, hard-working and driven people.
  • Lyra’s culture is dynamic, inclusive and collaborative.
  • It’s an exciting time of growth and challenge. It’s energizing every day and the best is still to come.
  • Being patient focused impacts my day-to-day work, and it motivates our team to drive the program forward.
Quotes from our employee survey
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