XTreo™ Platform: Medicine Where It’s Needed

The Lyra team has developed the XTreo™ platform based on expertise in materials science, drug development and formulation. This proprietary technology platform is designed to enable sustained delivery of medications for many months of therapy, targeting tissues deep in the ENT passages and potentially other diseased tissues that are not accessible with conventional therapeutic approaches.

the XTreo platform is comprised of three Technology components

Biocompatible Mesh Scaffold

Maximizes surface area for drug release while maintaining underlying tissue function

Engineered Elastomeric Matrix

Has advanced physical properties to dynamically adapt to target anatomy

Versatile Polymer-Drug Complex

Enables tunable drug elution for long-term dosing

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the Versatile Polymer-Drug Complex can be customized for many chronic diseases

The polymer-drug complex is potentially amenable to continuous, prolonged drug release across a wide range of drugs for different therapeutic applications. With proprietary bioresorbable polymer-drug formulations, the platform can be used to customize controlled-release drugs for many chronic diseases.

engineered Elastomeric Matrix Adapts to Target Anatomy

Our elastomeric matrix has advanced physical properties to dynamically adapt to target anatomy. Its adaptive elastic tension, which gives it shape-memory to resist deformation, is key to ensuring persistent positioning in the target location.

The matrix works in conjunction with the underlying mesh to exert outward pressure at the target location, keeping it in place as tissue remodels.

Biocompatible mesh scaffold underpins efficient drug delivery

The mesh scaffold optimizes surface area for drug release while maintaining underlying tissue function through open cell design. It is comprised of bioresorbable polymers that are pliable to maximize patient comfort.

Proprietary Technology Platform

Lyra has a robust global portfolio of intellectual property. These patents cover all aspects of the XTreo platform, including controlled drug release and materials science for adaptive applications in biologic environments. All intellectual property protecting the XTreo platform has been developed and is owned by the company.

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